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philippe cordey

We're pleased to announce that the IMAGO Education Committee Board has chosen Philippe Cordey SCS BVK as its next IEC Chairman, replacing Ella and Marijke who, until now, were acting as Co-Chairwomen.

We are all extremely grateful for their extensive work for our Committee and its main goals: Education, Publication & Researches and, finally, the Teaching Conferences, with their ever-positive attitude, whilst organizing and planning during all those difficult times. Ella and Marijke's expertise and knowledge will, of course, still enhance the IEC Board's work in progress: Education, Publication, Teaching Cinematography Conferences.

On behalf of the entire Board, we would like to say thank you to Ella and Marijke. Our thanks extend also to all IEC Board members for their work and implication.

Our new Chair - Philippe Cordey SCS BVK - has gathered extensive cinematography experience during the last 35+ years shooting feature films, doc films and commercials. He has strong experience in associative work: former President of the Swiss Film Technicians Association (1989-1992), SCS Vice-President (2015-2020), BVK Member, IEC Member. Back in 1995, he actively acted towards the creation of the SCS (Swiss Cinematographers Society) and its acceptance in IMAGO in 1996, as well as being an active IMAGO Board member until 2001. He also helped organise and moderate the Papers and Roundtables activities during the 2019 Cinematography Teaching Conference in Brussels. Head of Audiovisual in a multimedia film school in Lausanne (, Philippe is strongly involved in teaching challenging 21st-century cinematography skills; in parallel to his doc film projects, he organises vocational training workshops in Switzerland and on the African continent.

Born in 1960 in Switzerland, he holds a BA in visual communication (IAD 1984), speaks three languages (F,E,D and Swiss German).

Philippe is eager to continue, coordinate and defend the sum of work that has been done by the IEC since 2012, supporting its IEC Board Members and all teaching cinematographers on a global reach, as well as working for our broader IMAGO community in being the vital link between IEC Committees and the IMAGO Board.

Philippe has already had contact with our President A.I. and the ITC Co-Chairs and he is currently reviewing all urgent matters to coordonate and work together with the IEC Board Members and may be in contact with some of our member societies to get relevant information whenever needed.




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