The ACHTEL 9x7 - A Digital IMAX Camera

Copyright: Pawel Achtel ACS
Pawel Achtel ACS has been involved in extensive research for many years on a digital alternative to the classic 15-perf 65mm IMAX film camera and now he can proudly unveil his electronic version; the ACHTEL 9×7 65 Megapixel Motion Picture Camera.
During the past 30-something years, Achtel has been primarily involved with cinematography aimed for the giant IMAX screens, so he’s well acquainted with what it takes to fill a giant screen with quality imagery. He has also done work on commercials and feature productions, not least underwater projects.
Copyright: Pawel Achtel ACS
He feels that there isn’t really any digital camera that comes close to 65mm IMAX photochemical cinematography and, therefore, he felt there was a niche where a digital alternative would be useful. The ACHTEL 9×7 Camera offers a global shutter in combination with a wide color gamut.
Matthew Allard ACS has a full report on the Newsshooter website. You can read it now by clicking here.


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