Kommer Kleijn SBC Honoured As Fellow Of The SMPTE

Kommer Kleijn will be awarded the title of Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers (SMPTEduring an SMPTE event held on November 10th. 

Under normal circumstances, this would be a red carpet event held in Hollywood but, due to the current Covid-19 situation, it will be a virtual event broadcast online this year. This honor is conferred on individuals who have, through their proficiency and contributions to the motion-picture, television or related industries, attained an outstanding rank among engineers or executives in media and entertainment.

Kommer has indeed attained an outstanding rank internationally, not least amongst international cinematographers. Everyone at IMAGO is, of course, very proud of SPMTE´s recognition of Kommer Kleijn´s long term work. He headed the IMAGO Technical Committee for more than 10 years when he stepped down as chair in 2018. Amongst his invaluable work has been the achievement of the DCP additional frame rates system now internationally implemented for the great benefit of international cinematographers.


About Kommer Kleijn, SBC...

Kommer Kleijn SBC is an award-winning cinematographer, a digital imaging pioneer, a visual effects and motion control specialist and a renowned stereographer. He is also active in perception research, technology development and standardization. At the forefront of the digital revolution, he was the first to shoot digital cinematography in more than 2K, the first to shoot digitally for a large format movie, and pioneered the now-common single-chip large sensor digital cinematography technique. He went on pioneering stereography for the first 3DTV direct live broadcasts in Belgium, France, Italy, and the first live 3D Eurovision show. In 2011, he worked on the first theatrical HFR feature that used a short exposure time per frame. He designed a commercial motion control rig for stop motion animation, participated in the development of a new kind of loudspeaker and was bestowed with a number of technical achievements, festivals and honorary awards.

Kommer Kleijn 2020 headshot1k

Kommer Kleijn who will be awarded the title of Fellow of the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers later this year.


He is also a film school teacher, an instructor in workshops for professionals and he chaired the IMAGO Technical Committee for a decade as well as serving on the board of SBC, UP3D and EDCF. He chaired SMPTE 21DC Additional Frame Rates Groups for 14 years, creating new artistic choices for cinematographers, directors and stereographers through additional DCP frame rates. He is also a regular speaker on international image technology and 3D events. You can find out more about him at www.kommer.com

About SMPTE®...

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers®, or SMPTE, is defining the future of storytelling. The Society´s mission is to enable the technical framework that allows the global professional community to make media for artistic, educational, and entertainment purposes and to distribute that content for the benefit and enjoyment of people worldwide. As a global, volunteer-driven society of technologists, developers, and creatives, SMPTE is engaged in driving the quality and evolution of motion pictures, television, and professional media. The Society sets industry standards that help businesses maximize their markets more cost-effectively, provides relevant education that supports members' career growth and which fosters an engaged and diverse membership community.

You can find out more at www.smpte.org



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