No kissing amongst the rules as Scandinavian productions resume filming.

Scandinavian country´s film unions, television companies and trade organizations have developed safe filming guidelines, resulting in the slow start of the Nordic film productions.

Strict regulations still apply. Amongst them, social distancing of crew and cast, private transport to and from set, strict hygiene regulations and actors must dress themselves.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporations drama series “Exit” has resumed production, but with restrictions. Actors are allowed to hand-shake, but not to kiss. That may of course result in some difficulties and re-writes. Also, cinemas are slowly re-opening, but with an empty seat between the audience as a safety measure.

Foreign entry to the Nordic countries are still quarantined (at the time of writing on 30/05/2020), but not in Sweden, who have adopted an alternative approach to the Covid situation.

You can read the Scandinavian rules and regulations for film production in Covid-19 times here.

 tonie louise

Cinematographer Tonje Louise Finne FNF, sound engineer Rune Pedersen and director Rune Sæterstøl in production. Selfie by Tonje Louise Finne FNF.


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