IMAGO Conference on Working Conditions Berlin

In a collaboration with Interface Film in Vienna, IMAGO arranges round table conference on working conditions for cinematographers and the film industry in Berlin.

Date: Monday 24th of February, conference starts 09.30.
Location: Brunnenstrasse 69, 13355 Berlin.

Working conditions for cinematographers, and for all our colleagues in the film industry, is in too many countries deteriorating. After Haskell Wexler´s campaign “12 on – 12 off” was importantly launched in USA in 2004, little has happened. On the contrary, we see reports that 14-17 hour days and 6-7 day weeks now seem to have become the new normal in more and more countries. This unacceptable development does not only strongly affect our health, it strongly and negatively influences diversity, safety on set, the possibility for a satisfactory family life, and of course not least it affects the quality of our images.

We need changes, and we need to importantly work in solidarity to influence those changes!

Interface Film and IMAGO, the International Federation of Cinematographers, invite you to a Round Table Conference on Working Conditions in the film industry.
The aim of the conference is for cinematographers, together with other partners and colleagues in the film industry, to pinpoint the main challenges regarding working conditions for cinematographers and film crew colleagues, and to find constructive suggestions and solutions for IMAGO´s road forward to help combat the serious situation. Cinematographers and colleagues from in the film industry in different Countries will be present to discuss the situation in their countries and how to collaborate to construct a satisfactory way forward in this important challenge.

Amongst those participating in the Berlin Round Table Conference are:
Lisa Basten moderator, Dr. Cristina Busch, IMAGO legal consultant, Piotr Sliskowski, President of PSC the Polish Society of Cinematographers, Rolv Coulanges BVK German Society of Cinematographers, Christian Dosch, Crew United, Michael Neubauer CEO BVK, the German Society of Cinematographers, Zora Bachman Interface Film Vienna Yannis Daskalothanasis, the Greek Society of Cinematographers, Thomas Kürzl, Crew United Vienna, Jonida Laçi Interface Film Vienna, Andreas Fischer-Hansen DFF, the Danish Society of Cinematographers, and Paul René Roestad FNF, President IMAGO.

Should you wish to attend, please contact Paul René Roestad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , for detailed agenda and information.

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