Tibor Vagyóczky HSC receives IMAGO tribute

Former IMAGO president Tibor Vagyóczky HSC will receive the “The IMAGO International Tribute Award”. HSC is holding a conference on cinematography and also the III edition of the László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond Hungarian Cinematographer Awards 6th and 7th of February. IMAGO takes the opportunity to tribute Tibor in recognition to his dedication to IMAGO prior and during his presidency. Tibor was IMAGO president from 2001 to 2003.
The award will be presented to Tibor in the gala ceremony in Great Hall of Pest Vigadó on 7th February in Budapest.

During his presidency it was produced the book «Making Pictures: A century of European Cinematography». The book still stands today as the greatest book ever published about European cinematography. The book is still on sale and check this LINK and you will realize how valuable has become. The commentaries of those who have purchased it and it is rate with 5 stars. The book is a landmark of IMAGO. Unfortunately due to bad negotiations rights were not well taken care of and the book can’t ever be republished again.

Tibor Vagyóczky is 88 years old


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Tibor (right) with Gustaf Mandal FSF also former president.  IAGA Budapest in 2001
4 AGA2002group
In 1995 during a Kodak Master Class that was often organized in
the Budapest at the College of Theater and Film Arts where Tibor
was a lecturer since 1965 and at the time he was the head of 

cinematography department. We can see Billy Williams BSC
 side with usual great smile and Harvey Harrison BSC  on the
side he was at the time the IMAGO president.
IMAGO celebrated its 10th anniversary in Budapest in 2002 adn we can see
Tibor right in the center.
Tibor Vagyoczky1967 fiuk a terrol
Tibor camera operator in the 1967 Péter Szász’es film the Boys From the Square
(in Hungarian: Fiúk a térről)
In the United States in 1970's with Vilmos.


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