László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond cinematography Award

Celebrating two great cinematographers of our history the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers HSC have founded a competition award under the name of these two late legends. The two Hungarian cinematographers escaped from Budapest their hometown in 1958 when the Soviet regime controlling at the time the Eastern countries in post-world war II entered in the city with tanks and killing dozens of protestors. Lazlo and Vilmos both cinematographer students at the time fled the country with a few cans of film rolls. These rolls was footage that they and others have shot with shocking images of the Russian invasion. They found protection in the United States where they became famous with their cinematographic work. Vilmos with several titles and Lazlo also. Watch a short part of the documentary «No Subtitles Necessary» 2008 where some of the Budapest invasion footage was used. HERE 

The László Kovács and Vilmos Zsigmond cinematography award, was founded by Sparks camera and Lamp rental company, the Hungarian Society of Cinematographers and the Hungarian Cinematographers’ School. Awards will be given in February 7th 2020 in the Great Hall of the Pest Vigadó.

Submissions are now open for the categories Student, Short Film, Documentary, TV Drama and Feature Film. Entry deadline: January 10, 2020


HSC is celebrating in 2020 its 30th anniversary of so called second foundation which was founded by György Illlés in 1990 after the fall of the soviet union. There is a first foundation in 1938 by István Somkuti  a prominent cameraman at the time who was a reporter in the first world war who had to flee the country later and established also on the united states. Any the Hungarian society to celebrate its 30th anniversary is organizing along with the award competition an International conference on Cinematography on 6 and 7th of February.

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