GSC present in the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

The Greek Society of Cinematographers had a strong presence at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival
This year the Thessaloniki International Film Festival had an extra reason to be proud: located within its headquarters, at Apothiki C, laid the kiosk of the GSC, the Greek Society of Cinematographers. This kiosk served as kick off area for some interesting evens, organized by the Society.
On Friday, November the 1st , Kostis Gikas, GSC offered a lighting masterclass. He presented three different ways to light a film set, in relation to the nature of the scene: (i) documentary (ii) comedy (iii) drama. All three scenes were filmed with a Sony Venice, especially brought to Thessaloniki by the manufacturer. The masterclass was followed by a thorough presentation of the camera.
On Saturday, November the 2nd, Kostis Gikas, GSC and Colourist Gregory Arvanitis offered the sequel to the masterclass: the first day’s footage was graded on a portable suite, offered by Authorwave.

Yorgos Arvanitis AFC GSC
GSC President Yorgos Arvanitis AFC GSC

Monday, November the 4th and the Society leaned with a Cinematography must: the documentary “No Subtitles Necessary, Lazlo and Vilmos”, by James Chressanthis, ASC, GSC. The screening was followed by a Q&A session with the author, who participated via Skype.
On Friday, November the 8th, another Q&A took place: this time, it was three Greek DPs, those who had shot movies participating in the International Competition. In the filled room Zoe Manta, Christina Moumouri and Christos Karamanis, GSC were happy to answer the audience’s questions.
Both Q&A sessions were moderated by prof. Peter Salapatas, GSC
In addition to this, the Society was happy to witness the Festival honoring its President, Yorgos Arvanites AFC, GSC. On Saturday, November the 9th, the Festival organized a masterclass, where Yorgos spoke on his 111 movies, his relation with the camera, the light, with Theo Angelopoulos and his other directors, and much more.
The Greek Society of Cinematographers wishes to thank the Festival’s administration, especially the General Director Elise Jaladeau, the Director Orestis Andreadakis, Greek Program manager Helen Androutsopoulou, GSC’s own PR manager Pantelis Mantzanas, GSC & GSC manager Alex. Sihlimiris. It wishes to thank Sony’s Harris Loukatzikos and Ariston BTS’s Christos Doulis & Yannis Kontos, White Balance, Manios Digital, Authorwave, Bright Vision and Kalavitis. Thanks is also owed to the people who assisted by any means. The next GSC events are being planned for January 2020.

left to right prof Gregory Arvanitis left with Kostis Gikas GSC on the coloring process
 Gregory Arvanitis doing color  Moderator P
 prof Peter Salapatas explaining Kostis Gikas GSC approach  the coloring masterclass
 the scene  Y

   Thessaloniki International Film Festival

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