ASBH Awards 2018.

On January 19, 2019, the Association of Cinematographers of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASBH) presented the annual awards to the best BH cinematographers for the first time in its history.

Join the Baselight Learning Programme

Train to be a professional Baselight colourist with support from FilmLight
Join the Baselight Learning Programme
FilmLight encourages individuals who want to learn to grade on Baselight, or to move up to Baselight from another application, to register for our Baselight Learning Programme.
Baselight holds a special place in professional colour grading so we are keen that everyone who learns to use the application remains in contact with FilmLight, so we can help you along the way to achieve your goal. That’s why, even though the application is free, you must register in our programme to obtain a copy.
For selected educational establishments, FilmLight is also developing an accredited course centred around colour grading with Baselight. Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.

CINEC becomes annually

International Trade Fair for Cine Equipment and Technologies
21 - 23. September 2019 
Munich - Germany

Alfred Piffl passed away

We inform with deepest regret that Alfred Piffl from P+S Technik passed away. Alfred Piffl through his company P+S Technik based in Munich, along with other partners and alliances have created some of the most innovating tools for the industry.


ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY for the Master of the Masterclasses

There is only one week away for the Masterclass «Inspiration» to happen. Four extraordinary cinematographers will be present to show, to share their knowledge, experience and talent to an audience of cinematographers. Each guest speaker will be for 4 hours showing clips of their work, explaining some of the technics, sharing with cinematographers their inspirational tools to create their fantastic images. This is a unique opportunity that IMAGO through its Master Class Committee offers to cinematographers every two years. This is a masterclass from cinematographers to cinematographers.


Our Colombian member Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC has performed a new lens Test. This time dedicated to the new series from ARRI the «Signature» prime lenses . The tests were performed with an with Alexa LF and that can be seen in the next three links below. The tests centered in rendering, sharpenss, texture and the overall quality of the lenses with the large sensor. The report this time is presented a bit differently then previous tests, The conclusions are presented in the manner of an «interview» where Alfonso responds to questions relative to the testing. Please check the pdf file HERE and the links below. For the spanish version click HERE
Videos of the tests can be seen at:
Ráquira. Colombia
Technical review.
Making of.