Learning Cinematography at Film School

Learning Cinematography at Film School:
Old ways, New Direction
Nicholas Oughton and Jean-Paul Jarry 2015

As a vehicle for story telling, Cinema offers the most convincing replication of reality of all the narrative mediums. The offspring of photography, Cinema is the heir to that medium’s verisimilitude, and with the addition of movement, provides a persuasive restoration of reality that has provoked universal appeal for audiences around the world.
Cinema continues a desire to represent the natural, spiritual and metaphysical world through illustration, that began some 40,000 years ago.
As with literature, music and theatre, Cinema has developed its own language, a didactic and animated procession of single frames that carries the viewer on a narrative journey. Rules and techniques have been developed that govern this language and its ability to communicate with an audience. Cinematography, the tool that creates this procession of single frames is the central discipline that brings cinema to life.



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