Authors Rights Sweden


The Swedish Union for Theatre,Artists and Media organises almost everyone active in the performing arts including film and television.

The Union has fought a long and hard battle to protect the artists and authors from exploitation by the producers.

In 1995 a new law strengthened the authors position.
However there were exceptions in the audio-visual field.
There is a legal presumption, meaning that if there is no previous arrangement the secondary rights go to the producer.

To counter this TROMB was founded.
TROMB is an independent collecting society founded in 1995.
By signing over the rights to TROMB the artists rights are automatically protected.

In 2008 TROMB collected and distributed SEK 46 million. (€ 5 million )

The distribution is as follows:

Actors 55%
Directors 25%
Cinematographers 13%
Production and costume designers 7 %

Authors and composers have their own collecting societies.

In Sweden pirate downloading etc. is a big problem. Therefore Sweden has approved the IPRED resolution together with most other European countries.

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