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Norwegian cinematographers are accepted authors in Norway, and their commercial rights is taken care of by the organisation NORWACO.

Norwaco is a governmental organisation, which pays authors a sum, based on what authors are involved and how many films are shown on TV-channels.

The yearly sum is the result of negotiations between the filmworkers organizations in Norway and the Ministry of Culture.

A yearly sum is then paid collectively by the state to the Norwegian Association of Film Workers. This association yearly gives out grants applied to by the film workers who are recognized as authors. One can also apply for direct payments, and there is a discussion now if the system should be changed from a collective payment, to direct payments.

In addition, there is an agreement called "The feature film agreement", which pays an amount to authors when feature films are shown on TV.

Here, the feature film producers pays an amount to the film workers associations, approx. NOK 85.000.- (USD approx 12.000.-) for net earnings up to NOK 500.000.-.(USD approx 85.000.-)

This amount is then divided with the following key:

Directors: 29% Paid directly

Manuscript: 29% Paid directly

Actors: 10% Paid collectively to the Association of


Composers: 10% Paid collectively to the Association of


Ballet: 2% Paid directly to the Association of

Ballet dancers.




and Editors: 10% Paid collectively to the Norwegian Association of Filmworkers.

Ot the 10% collective payment, 4% goes to photographers, 2% to each of the other authors.

In addition, the Norwegian State pays an amount for the use of short films in schools and libraries, ("Kortfilmfondet"), which is administered by the Filmworkers Association, and paid to authors applying for grants.

There was earlier a tax from the sale of video and sound tape, but this has ceased. Part of this tax were used for production of short films and documentaries. However, to compensate the loss of this tax, a set similar amount is still paid by the Norwegian State, and this amount is managed by an independent organisation "Fond for Lyd og Bilde", which gives money for, among others, production of short films and documentaries.

The board of this organisation has representatives from the Norwegian Filmworkers association, and other authors organisations.

For other sales to TV, abroad etc: Except for the abovementioned state funds, nothing is paid to authors, unless their contract specifically says so. But usually the main authors have this right contracted.

The Norwegian TV companies have closed an earlier agreement on authors rights, but this agreement is now under revision again.

For sales abroad, payment for this is sometimes supposed to be compensated for and included in the authors fee/salary for the production.

For foreign authors, there are possibilities to send applications to NORWACO,

if the author can prove he/she has a contract that makes them eligible for compensation. (Not having had their rights bought out contractwise)

Foreign producers gets paid by the organisation AGICOA, and applications from authors could also be made directly to the producers

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