RED at Camerimage

RED is exhibiting at the Camerimage International Film Festival for the first time to showcase the newest DSMC2 cameras, RED EPIC-W and WEAPON 8K S35, which feature the recently introduced HELIUM sensor.

Located in the main foyer, RED’s stand features both groundbreaking 8K cameras alongside the latest Dedo Lights and Cooke Optics innovations. Visitors to the stand will be able to interact with the cameras on a mock set displaying the Camerimage Frog Festival Trophies—a rare sight outside the awards show. RED EPIC-W cameras will also be featured on the Leica and Angenieux stands to highlight their newly-introduced anamorphic lenses.

Festival attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with RED representatives during 'The Importance of International Collaboration' conference. Scheduled to take place in the Opera Nova Seminar Room on 16th November at 3:30pm.

Visit to learn more about the capture capabilities of RED’s newest DSMC2 camera systems.