The AJA CION review tests

By Alfonso Parra AEC, ADFC

In this paper we evaluate the AJA CION camera from the photographic direction point of view. For this reason we have worked on four fundamental aspects related with the image quality: resolution, dynamic range, sensitivity and color. We have focused this work from both theoretic and practice views. In order to study the aspect theoretic we have used the next standardized reference charts: the ISO resolution, the Macbeth color and Spydercheker, in addition to other ones with textures and colors. We have study the charts with the Imatest and Image programs and also with Davinci resolve, Color and Speedgrade. We have lighted the tests to both 5600ªK and 3200ªK, with Fresnel devices of tungsten, KinoFlo and HMI. The necessary adjustments have been
made through an WFM/vector scope in the set, as well as with the Sekonic L-558/Cine light meter and the Minolta Color meter IIIF termocolorimeter, all of them suitably calibrated. The lenses used were the Zeiss set of lenses Compact Prime (CP). On the other hand, for the practice aspect we have shut in different places of Medellín (Colombia), places such the Seminary, the former railway depot, the theater space and the toys workshop. We have not used any kind of lighting for these shootings. We have mainly chosen the Normal and Expanded gamma curves with regard to their CC Normal and Flat color spaces. The postproduction were made in Crayola Film, we have worked at Scratch as well as at BaseLlight. Images of the paper are from original ones; however, since they are compressed they have watched merely as a reference.