Giuseppe Rotunno AIC ASC Golden Camera 300

Giuseppe Rotunno AIC ASC better known by his colleagues by the nick name Pepinno will be deservedly honoured at the oldest festival dedicated to cinematographers. It is with great joy that IMAGO receives such good news. Peppino is our honorary member since 2008. He was awarded in the eDIT Film Festival in Frankfurt by the initiative of Nigel Walters who was elected IMAGO president early that year. You can see the photo gallery here which documents the occasion. Unfortunately eDIT film Festival no longer exists. It was closed in 2011 due to the sever cuts to culture activities because of the financial crisis which hit Europe around 2010.

Here below you can read the Manaki Film Festival directors text.
IMAGO would like to congratulate the festival and its director for taking the initiative and of course we would like to congratulate once again our dear colleague and friend Pepinno for this recognition.

IMG 1306A L1000803A
Giuseppe Rotunno, surrounded by his IMAGO friends for the official picturesin Frankfurt, during the eDIT Film Festival 2008.
In the picture Rotunno (Pepinno)
sitting, from left to right, Luciano Tovoli AIC, IMAGO founder, Andreas Fischer-Hansen,
former IMAGO president, Paul Rene Roestad, actual president,
Nigel Walters, former president and president at the time and IMAGO
general manager Louis Philippe Capele.

The award given to Rotunno



Giuseppe Rotunno AIC

MANAKI FILM FESTIVAL will be giving the Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement this year to GIUSEPPE ROTUNNO AIC, as one of the members of the club of greats, and the greatest among the great cinematographers of Italian and world cinema

Giuseppe Rotunno was born in 1923 in Rome. As a founder of post-war Italian cinema which succeeded Italian neorealism, Rotunno has made a dozen of anthological films from, first and foremost, Italian cinema, mainly working in collaboration with the master director Federico Fellini in one of the greatest and most effective partnerships in cinema history.

Their joint achievements are: AMARCORD (1973) the masterpiece which earned them the Academy Award for Best Film in a Foreign Language, a nostalgic autobiographical reminisce of Fellini’s birthplace – Rimini. Fellini wrote the script for Amarcord together with his fellow citizen Tonino Guerra, while Rotunno created the majestic visual atmosphere of the town on the Adriatic coast. Previously, together with Fellini they also made FELLINI SATIRIKON (1696) and then E IL CASANOVA DI FELLINI (1976), ORCHESTRA REHEARSAL (1978), LA CITTA DEL DONNE (1980), and afterwards EL NAVE VA (1983). In 1996, together with the creator of the Italian neo-horror suspense, the director Dario Argento, Rotunno made the THE STENDHAL SYNDROME.

Rotunno had his first post-war collaboration with a prominent Italian director in 1955, with the film SCANDAL IN SORRENTO by Dino Rossi. Then, in this early period, two years later, in 1957 he shot LE NOTTI BIANCHE by Luchino Visconti, and proceeded to photograph two more of his anthological films -- ROCCO AND HIS BROTHERS and IL GATOPARDO/THE LEOPRAD in 1960 and 1963 respectively. Previously, in 1959 he shot the also anthological LA GRANDE GUERRA, by another master director Mario Monichelli with the great acting tandem – Gassman – Sordi.

Rotunno has also achieved notable collaboration with prominent foreign directors, working as a cinematographer of exceptionally important films of world cinema:

CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (1971) and WOLF (1994) by Mike Nichols, followed by the award-winning THE ADVENTURES OF BARON MUNCHAUSEN by the Monty-Python creator Terry Gilliam. His peak in the collaboration with non-Italian directors is the Academy Award winner ALL THAT JAZZ by director Bob Foss.

Due to his age (he is 94 years old), Giusepe Rotunno will not be able to physically attend the ceremony in Bitola and be presented with the Great Golden Camera 300 for Lifetime Achievement, which is why we are going to hand it to him in Rome, in his home which he shares with his lovely spouse.

Blagoja Kunovski -- Dore
Director of the Cinematographers’ Film Festival “Manaki Brothers”

giuseppe rotunno giuseppe rotunnoMaestro Federico Fellini and cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno on the set of Amarcord one of Fellinis best films