GSC New Board

A new board of governors have taken over for the next two years the command of the Greek Society of Cinematographers. Christos Alexandris takes over the presidency replacing Yannis Daskalothanassis who was in power for two terms. The excellent and memorable IAGA of 2014 in Greece organized during his presidency.

The Greek society was revitalized during Daskalothanassis period founding the society replacing another one which was not representative of the Greek cinematographers. For this and much more, the new president states that «Yannis Daskalothanassis' heritage is heavy, as he as his partners managed to do so many things in just four years». The elections took place on April the 2nd
The new board.
President: Christos Alexandris
Vice President: Dimitris Kassimatis
Secretary: Argyris Theos
Treasurer:Odysseus Pavlopoulos
Member: Claudio Bolivar

-The new board will be running the society until April 2019.
IMAGO wishes to the new board a happy and fruitful mandate.


From left to right: Odysseas Pavlopoulos (treasurer); Argyris Theos (secretary); Claudio Bolivar (member); Christos Alexandris (president); Dimitris Kassimatis (Vice President)