Cuba - National Film Award 2017 to cinematographer Raúl Rodríguez ACF

The prolific photographer Raúl Rodríguez received the National Film Award 2017 in Havana on March 9th, a yearly award given by the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry.

rodriguesThis award is the recognition of a career of more than five decades in the photographic direction of Cuban fiction and documentary filmmaking since the creation of ICAIC until today. The intense professional activity of Raúl Rodríguez has always been aimed at reflecting with diversity and virtuosity the photographic image of his films. He is a master of light, of framing, of composition, with an innate ability to transmit his knowledge.

For this important and significant recognition, the jury was presided over by Enrique Pineda Barnet and made up of Carlos Diaz, Mario Rivas, Lourdes García, Luciano Castillo, Blanca Rosa Blanco and Raúl Pérez Ureta. This year, the nomination process for the 2017 Prize included the individual proposals of the personalities who have won National Film Awards in previous editions, as well as the proposals of the filmmakers members of the Film Section of the Film, Radio and Television Association Of the UNEAC.

The Jury also decided to include in the 2017 National Film Prize a special recognition for the lifelong work of four essential figures of Cuban cinema: Magaly Pompa, Paco Pratt, Violeta Cooper and Hilda Roo.

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