Croatia HFS - Award Nominees

4th Annual Cinematography Award Nominees

Stanko Herceg, Mirko Pivčević and Darko Šuvak, Croatian Cinematographers Association (H.F.S.) jury, has announced the 2017 nominations for all three categories for the annual Cinematography Award "Nikola Tanhofer”.

From 19 projects, the jury has chosen the following titles:


"The Constitution” 
Cinematographer: Branko Linta, h.f.s.

“Quit staring at My Plate”
Cinematographer:Jana Plećaš


“On the Other Side”
Cinematographer: Branko Linta, h.f.s.

Short film
“A Two Way Mirror" DOP Vjeran Hrpka
“The Beast”, DOP Danko Vučinović
"Tanja", DOP Tomislav Sutlar

TV series
"The Republic", DOP Branko Cahun, h.f.s.
"House of Cards" (season 2), DOP Igor Martinović, h.f.s.
"Black and white world" (season 2), DOP Mario Sablić, h.f.s.
“Slumbering Concrete", DOP Hrvoje Franjić

Congratulations to the nominees.
The names of the winners of the 4th H.F.S. Award will be announced at this year's Pula Film Festival, where the prizes will be awarded. The Festival takes place from 15th to 21st July 2017.