BSC Summer Lunch

The traditional Summer Lunch in the 67th year of the BSC was a joyous and memorable occasion. Held in the historic Ballroom of Pinewood Studios the event marked the retirement of Frances Russell after 33 years of devoted service as Company Secretary to the BSC.

In honour of her incredible years with the Society she became the first non-cinematographer to be presented with the BSC Lifetime Achievement Award. Eulogies were read out by Phil Meheux BSC but in truth few could have been written to adequately describe the appreciation of her loyalty and commitment to the BSC. If the occasion had been the Kop those fortunate enough to be present would have enjoyed the refrain “There will never be another Frances Russell.”
Ed Lachman ASC was delighted to accept the BSC Best Cinematography Award for Carol for which he has triumphed at Camerimage as well as receiving an Academy Oscar nomination. In accepting with his usual grace and humour he joked that Carol seemed so long ago that he thought the invitation to attend was an old one.

The guest of honour was Nick James, editor of Sight and Sound, following the BSC tradition of recent years to invite journalists who have an appreciation of the craft of cinematography. After a sympathetic and humorous address Nick James presented certificates to BSC new members, Roger Simonz, Julian Court, Graham Frake and Stephan Pehrsson who becomes the second Danish born Society member. Apologies were received from two other new members, Polly Morgan and Zac Nicholson.

Fortunately for the BSC Frances has phased out her “retirement” with the same care and attention as she has shown in becoming synonymous with the Society. The gratitude owed to her by so many cinematographers, sponsors and friends is immeasurable. In her address to the audience she thanked everyone especially for all the good humour and company over the years. She expressed confidence in future capability of her joint secretary Audra Marshall, and Secretarial assistance from Helen Maclean.

For her planned World travels with her husband Frank, Frances will have in her possession a “golden” Leica camera on which has been fittingly engraved the words “To Frances, With Love from the BSC.”

Fortunately Frances will remain as Treasurer and adviser to the BSC. Her many friends in Imago and the ASC who have been on the receiving end of her kindness, humour and wisdom will wish her a Very Happy Retirement in the hope that future happiness will be with her and husband Frank as they witness the Poms thrash the Aussies at Sydney Cricket Ground!!