3rd Croatian Cinematography Awards

Mario Sablić photo by Matija Šćulac

The award ceremony of H.F.S. annual cinematography prizes "Nikola Tanhofer", took place during 63rd Pula Film Festival.

This is the third instalment of award that celebrate outstanding cinematography achievements in three categories:


Eva Kraljević photo by Matija Šćulac



Feature Film
TV Series
Short Film

This year H.F.S. jury (Goran Mećava h.f.s., Željko Sarić h.f.s. and Mladen Matula h.f.s.) singled out directors of photography whose work meet the highest professional standards and at the same time evokes intense emotions through its cinematography.
The prizes were awarded at the Pula Arena by Željko Sarić h.f.s.

Awarded Cinematographers are

Branko Linta, h.f.s. for " The Reaper “
…”distinctive light and shade movements and impressive visual compositions stress the coldness of the world dominated by darkness in which lost protagonists wander around, aware of the hopelessness of their condition”…

Mario Sablić, h.f.s. for the TV series "Black and white world ‘
…”prudent and impressive compositions caracterised by distinctive stylisations and the creation of an atmosphere of the past period define the work of a refined author”…

Eva Kraljević for documentary "I Like That Super Most the Best”

…“the author enriched an intimate story filled with deep and honest emotion with a photography that observes closely but is not being obtrusive…”

The prizes were awarded at the Pula Arena by Željko Sarić h.f.s., director and cameraman who was one of the judges, along with Goran Mećava h.f.s. and Mladen Matula h.f.s.