The return of Golden Eye

a personal view by Tony Costa AIP from the recent Festival in Georgia.

The Golden Eye Film festival is dedicated exclusively to cinematographers. It takes place in the Caucasus city of Tbilisi capital of Georgia formerly part of the Soviet Union. Fortunately a recent work I photographed was nominated for one of the categories. The invitation by the festival gave me this opportunity to report a unique perspective on the occasion.

The Golden Eye Festival began in 2009 from an initiative of Zara Gegenava the director of the Services Company Innovator in Tbilisi and the main sponsor of the event. The first year the grand prize went to Litovchenko Boris - "The Moon" from Ukraine. The Festival was halted due to an economic crisis and political changes in Georgia but resumed this year. It included an International Exhibition of broadcast Equipment in the Cultural Centre in Tbilisi.

golden eye 1

The winners fro left to right: Jerzy Palacz AAC; Tony Costa aip; Vince Knight; Martin Ziaran ASK and Mike Samir the director of «Hany» the Main Prize of the night.

The main reason for holding the Festival is for the young cinematographers and students in Georgia to learn from the experiences of visiting experts from all over the World, according to Zurab Gegenava. The Festival aims at improving standards of education in image capture by inviting professionals to screen their finest work. In this way the film the cameramen and students in Georgia benefit technically and artistically.

golden eye 3

Aspect of the Gala ceremony of Golden Eye

Despite two years of absence the Festival was pleased to attract cinematographers of the caliber of Hiro Narita ASC, Bill Holshevnikoff and John Henshall.
The Festival Organizers created a great spirit which helped to build bridges through friendship and by sharing ideas and experiences. It was a total success that ended in a great gala event televised by the Georgian main TV channel

golden eye 5

The Grand Prize this year went to Martin Ziaran ASK with his work on «Hany» from Czech Republic.
The categories in competition and the winners and nominations:

Best Feature Cinematography
- Winner: Jerzy Palacz AAC «Shirley» Austria
- other nominees:
- Sergey Krutko «Yin, and what to do with it» -Ukraine
- Arman Ordyan «Agony» - Armenia

Best TV Cinematography

Winner: Tony Costa aip «The Blue Pincel» - Portugal
The other nominees:
- Ivo Popek ACK «The last Cyclist» - Czech Republic
- Giga Jobava «Wrinkles» - Georgia

Risk Shot
- Winner: Martin Ziaran ASK «Hany» - Czech Republic

the other nominees:
- Richard Van Oosterhout SBC «Platina Blues» - Belgium
- Luis Graham-Yool «Ukraine Police move on the protest» United Kingdom

Best Student Work

Given to all 3 nominated
Alexandre Baev « Once Upon a Time» Georgia
Serciu Ciorescu «Market day» The Republic of Moldova
Vince Knigh «The Domestic life of Mollusks» United Kingdom