2017 – the year of celebrations

News from the President

IMAGO is 25 years in 2017. So is Camerimage. And ARRI as the senior is 100 years old.

2017 is therefore the year of celebration for IMAGO.

Film crew fee calculator online

The NSC has up dated the app for mobile phones of their Film Crew calculator. This application is a good reference for any crew member of the film industry to calculate his/her fees as free lancer worker. The reference of the calculation is based in the Dutch practice which certainly is not practice everywhere. But it is a useful tool to get an idea what to do and what to calculate. You just have to adjust for your country fees. The download is free.


Showlight - Phil Meheux BSC guest speaker

Showlight 2017 will take place on 20-23 May 2017 in the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence, Italy.

The eagerly awaited colloquium, organised by lighting professionals, for lighting professionals, is now in its tenth incarnation, its peripatetic nature having taken it to London, Hollywood, Amsterdam, York, Ghent, Edinburgh, Munich, Glasgow, and most recently, Cesky Krumlov in 2013.

Vilmos Zsigmond Film Festival Call for Entries

Venue: Belvárosi Cinema, Vilmos Zsigmond auditorium, Szeged, Hungary
Date: 10-13 May 2017

Vilmos Zsigmond, the world-famous, Academy Award-winning cinematographer, was born in Szeged and was also named honorary citizen of the town. The largest auditorium with 540 seats in Belvárosi Cinema, which is one of the biggest, oldest and most beautiful cinemas in Hungary, was named after him in 2005, and he was very proud of it. He visited the cinema many times and brought international TV companies along to the place where he first met the wonderful world of movies.

Monograph "Tanhofer" in Croatia

Cinematographers and cinematography are becoming more knowledgeable to the average audience and in particular to the academic communities. In Croatia recently a book dedicated to the founder and first president of the Croatian Society of Cinematographers. 




“The only assurance we get from our professional life is – change.”
This happens incredibly fast in film. What are the new trends, how do they influence filming - and thus also the teaching of Cinematography? How is this changing the actual and future generations of film makers and cinematography in particular? Let’s look, listen and talk about it!