CINEC 2018

Only one month left: On 22nd September cinec will start again.

The field of exhibitors is focused, top-class, and highly innovative.
ARRI, PANASONIC, FUJI and SONY have booked their stands while RED, BLACKMAGIC, CANON, PHANTOM, MARSHALL, and more will be represented by prominent system houses.

Japanese Society of Cinematographers focus on health

By Akira Sako JSC

High blood pressure is common in Japan. It is estimated that more than 43 million Japanese of a total population of 127 million inhabitants suffer from high blood pressure.
The problem is that Japanese cinematographers and film workers work long days, and many feel they do have not time to take time to visit a doctor for a check-up.
Cost is also a factor, as medical check-ups in Japan are not free.

IMAGO next activities

The IMAGO international Cinematographer´s Award
IMAGO will arrange the next IMAGO International Cinematographer´s awards in Belgrade in March 2019. The IMAGO Awards Committee is working on the arrangement, and will be sending out information and invitation to nominate films soon. All IMAGO member Societies will be invited to nominate films for the competition.

IMAGO and FERA joins forces on working conditions

IMAGO and FERA, the European Federation of Film Directors, will join forces to focus on film workers working conditions. The cultural and creative industries are a driving force behind the value creation in Europe and elsewhere, occupying two and a half times more people than for instance the car industry in Europe. The film workers working conditions has been discussed for decades, especially after Haskell Wexler´s and Roderick E. Stevens established the organization “12 on 12 off” in 2004, but still, working conditions does not improve, on the contrary if we shall interpret reports coming in.

Women Cinematographers Network


Women cinematographers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland got together in a website to promote their work and their careers. The organization is called Women Cinematographers Network.

New Balkan Cinematographer´s Conference during the Manaki Film Festival

The original inspiration behind the creation of the Imago Balkan Conference was to improve communication and understanding between the Societies of cinematographers in the region through friendship and collaboration. As a result this fourth Conference in Bitola, the home of the oldest Festival in the World devoted to the Art of Cinematography, inherits a legacy of growing