IMAGO welcomes the Autumn

By Paul René Roestad, Imago President

The IMAGO International Award for Cinematography 2017

Almost 100 films between features, Tv-dramas and documentaries from all corners of the World have so far been nominated by IMAGO´s member Societies to be considered by the IMAGO Award Juries. The IMAGO juries will start their work in September, and will have their final nominations for the IMAGO International Award for Cinematography ready in good time for the big day of celebrations and IMAGO Awards ceremony on October 28th where more than 250 cinematographers, partners and film colleagues will gather in Helsinki, Finland, to celebrate not only the art of international cinematography, but also IMAGO´s 25th Anniversary.

IMAGO AWARDS submissions closed

The IMAGO Awards committee and the IMAGO Board are very proud of the Federation’s members that are participating in the 1st IMAGO International Awards for Cinematography.. Overall IMAGO has received 51 features, 18 documentaries and equally 18 TV drama episodes. These films are going to compete as the final 3 nominations in these 3 categories.

Inspiration Master Class interviews

The last IMAGO Inspiration Master Class took place in Amsterdam last May. The key speakers were Jeanne Lapoirie AFC; Phedon Papamichael GSC, ASC; Anthony Dod Mantle DFF, BSC, ASC; Martin Gschlacht AAC, all of them top cinematographers in the world scene. Here is a short interview with each of one them.




The Teaching Cinematography Conference video

IMAGO has interviewed the key speakers of the Teaching Cinematography Conference which took place in Munich last March. This Conference is one the several initiatives of the year done by IMAGO.

The report about the 2sd Conference by IMAGO can be read HERE.

A visit to CW Sonderoptic

By Louis-Philippe Capelle SBC

CW Sonderoptic GmbH is an internationally active manufacturer of premium lenses for movie and television productions and operates under the Leica brand name. It was founded in 2008, by Dr. Andreas Kaufman.
The idea was transferring the iconic name of Leica Still Photographic lenses to the movie industry.

IMAGO Cinematographers Model Contract

IMAGO has since 2005 has been working on a Model contract for cinematographers. The Federation has noticed that in most countries the contractual practice is not favourable for cinematographers either in terms of fair remuneration and the total absence of authorship of the work. Here is a guide line which can be followed by cinematographers, agents, producers and other interested parties. This guide has the intention only to help to establish a better and sounder relationship between parties.