Cuba - National Film Award 2017 to cinematographer Raúl Rodríguez ACF

The prolific photographer Raúl Rodríguez received the National Film Award 2017 in Havana on March 9th, a yearly award given by the Ministry of Culture and the Cuban Institute of Cinematographic Art and Industry.

Michael Ballhaus, BVK, ASC 1935-2017

It is another sad news to witness the departure of another great cinematographer of our times. The berlin- born cinematographer Michael Ballhaus dies with the age of 81. He worked in his prolific career with many great directors like Rainer Werner Fassbinder who he worked with in 15 films and the most well-known world wide «The Marriage of Maria Braun» and « The Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kant». Ballhaus was part of the new German cinema which raised in the 1960’s having director Fassbinder the most well-known director.

IMAGO AWARDS announced

To be held in Helsinki on 28 October 2017 at Hanasaari – The Swedish-Finnish

– IMAGO, The European Federation of Cinematographers, is proud to announce its first International Awards for Cinematography.

GSC - Anamorphic Lens Test

The Greek Society of Cinematographers 8GSC) has develop a series of anamorphic lens test and has posted online for your comments. The objective of the exercise was to test the specific catachrestics of these particular lenses and their reactions to several light situations.

Croatia HFS - Award Nominees

4th Annual Cinematography Award Nominees

Stanko Herceg, Mirko Pivčević and Darko Šuvak, Croatian Cinematographers Association (H.F.S.) jury, has announced the 2017 nominations for all three categories for the annual Cinematography Award "Nikola Tanhofer”.

The Teaching Cinematography Conference

Taking in consideration the remarks received from the attendees about the Teaching Cinematography Conference we can consider it was a great success. In fact, for the organization the most optimistic expectations were clearly overcome. When the IMAGO Education Committee began preparations and planning for the conference it was estimated that we could have around 40 attendees or maybe we could have as maximum up to 50. But it ended up by having 120 attendees from 30 different countries and some came as far as Australia, Saudi Arabia and South Africa.