Education committee up to set a Conference in Cinematography

The IMAGO Education Committee met last 27th of February in Munich to discuss the organization of a 2sd Cinematography Congress to be held in Munich at the HFF School by March 2017. This Conference follows the successful congress that took place in Brussels in 2014. The cinematographer members of the Education Committee finds that is necessary and important to keep researching for new ways to deal with teaching of cinematography. The digital era imposes a new paradigm in film studies in general and not only in particular on cinematography. Many other disciplines are gaining importance for the role of the cinematographer to complete his full education and proceed the career in the future.

Peter Slanksky professor at the HFF School was the host who proudly showed the impressive facilities of the school. From theaters to the studios, HFF offers one the most complete conditions film studies.

P1040511 - Cópia


 The gathering began on Friday evening with the presentation of the EDC 16 camera prototype by ARRI. Michael Koppetz from the Research & Development department of ARRI introduced the modified AMIRA. The essential modification of the camera is on the area of the image capture on the full size sensor. Instead of using the whole area of the sensor it is only used one part in the center. So by using a small area allows the possibility to use 16mm lenses. In this particular aspect its of great advantage of many schools that need to give some usage to their classic 16mm zooms and prime lenses. Despite the small area used of the sensor the output is still HD 1920x1080 resolution. The cost of the camera body is estimated of 15000 euros. 



The working group from left to right: Birgit Gudjonsdottir BVK; Ella van den Hove SBC; Kurt Brazda AAC; Jean-Paul Jarry - France; Paul Rene Roestad FNF IMAGO President; Gaby Reisinger AAC; Peter Slansky HHF and Tony Costa AIP and Education committee chairman.



        Ella van den Hove SBC checking the menu of the EDC16

Saturday the 27th was fully dedicated to discuss the organization and the program of the conference, only interrupted for a moment of lunch kindly offered by the BVK with the presence of Dr. Michael Neubauer general manager. The BVK has promised in their capability to support the conference as best as possible once is set which is aimed to be in March 2017.





lunch The group having lunch courtesy of BVK